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RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery

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    What We Offer

    RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery offers a comprehensive range of towing and recovery services to meet various needs. Our services include emergency towing, vehicle recovery, roadside assistance, lockout service, jumpstart service, and emergency EV charging. With our  skilled team and well-maintained fleet of tow trucks, RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery ensures prompt and reliable assistance for individuals and businesses in the Meridian area.

    Emergency EV Charging

    Emergency EV charging provides a vital solution for electric vehicle owners facing depleted batteries, offering the convenience of on-the-spot charging to ensure they can resume their journeys without being stranded.

    Lockout Service

    Lockout services for a quick and efficient assistance to individuals facing vehicle lockouts, ensuring a prompt resolution and hassle-free access to their vehicles, minimizing inconvenience and providing peace of mind.

    Jumpstart Service

    Jumpstart services to quickly and efficiently start vehicles with dead batteries, allowing individuals to get back on the road promptly and avoid the need for extensive repairs or replacements, offering convenience and saving both time and money.


    Cheap but quality towing services offer affordable options for individuals and businesses in need of reliable and professional assistance, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on the level of service or customer satisfaction.


    Truck towing services provide an efficient means of transporting heavy loads, making them an optimal choice for industries that handle large equipment, machinery, or cargo, offering a reliable solution tailored to their specific needs.


    Quality motorcycle towing to provide peace of mind, reliable service, and expert handling, ensuring the safe transportation of motorcycles to their destination with utmost care and precision.

    this image shows towing in Meridian, ID
    this image shows towing services in Meridian, ID

    Why Choose Us


    RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery offers affordable services without compromising on quality, making professional towing and recovery solutions accessible to individuals and businesses in the Meridian area.


    Customer service is a top priority for RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery, as we are committed to providing exceptional assistance and support to our customers, delivering friendly and professional service that goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction throughout every interaction.


    RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery utilizes modern and well-maintained towing equipment, including a diverse fleet of tow trucks and specialized tools, ensuring that they are well-equipped to handle a wide range of towing and recovery situations efficiently and effectively.

    this image shows towing services in Meridian, ID

    RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery

    Ada County covers over 1000 square miles. That’s a lot of terrain, but if you’re ever here and find yourself in need of a tow, you won’t hear “sorry, too far” from the likes of us.

    Our trucks cover the area with trustworthy towing for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boat trailers, and even those big, industrial vehicles that make for quite a sight. How do we do it? With professionalism, timeliness, and good old-fashioned hospitality.

    Better still, our dispatchers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency roadside assistance. Each time you call RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery, you can count on quick help that doesn’t sacrifice quality or care for your vehicle.

    For dependable towing throughout Ada County, there is only one number you need.

    Contact RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery at (208) 435-8528.

    Towing Services For Many Vehicles

    We’ve got you covered when it comes to towing all sorts of vehicles – cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and even EVs. We take pride in handling your precious ride with care and ensuring its safety throughout the towing journey. Rest assured, you won’t find any rough treatment, rusty trailers, or tired tow truck drivers with unruly beards around here.

    Instead, you’ll be greeted by a friendly and well-groomed driver who knows his stuff and is more than happy to lend a hand in your current situation. We get that dealing with a broken-down vehicle is super stressful, especially when the clock is running, so we go above and beyond to make the towing process seamless and hassle-free.

    We’ve got you covered for things like:

    • Cars
    • Trucks
    • Motorcycles
    • SUVs
    • Crossovers
    • Boat trailers
    • Industrial vehicles

    Here at RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery, our team is extensively trained in expertly loading and unloading vehicles of all kinds, including those sleek and low-to-the-ground sports cars that often leave their owners anxious about potential damage.

    No matter where you find yourself stranded, you can count on RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery to have your back. Whenever the unexpected happens to your wheels, just give us a call and we’ll be there to assist you.

    Areas We Service

    We sometimes cross the borders when a driver is in trouble. The best thing to do here is call us up and tell us where you’re at. If you’re in the vicinity of Ada County, there’s a good chance we can help. So do save our number on your phone, because that’s all it takes to get the most reliable help in towing.

    West Boise

    Garden City
    Boise Hills Village

    Lake Lowell

    Towing goes beyond just dealing with mechanical issues. Sometimes accidents happen on the road, and in those situations, we’re here to lend a hand. Hopefully, everyone involved in the incident is safe, but if your car is no longer operational, it’s crucial to clear it from the road as soon as possible.

    That’s where our team comes into the picture. We’ll promptly arrive at the scene, assess the situation, and determine the most effective approach to remove your car from the road. Additionally, we’ll collaborate with you and your insurance company to handle any necessary paperwork and ensure you’re properly reimbursed for our services.

    In an ideal world, accidents wouldn’t occur, but let’s face it, this world isn’t perfect. That’s precisely why RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery is here for you when unfortunate incidents take place. Dial (208) 435-8528 today!

    Wrecker Service

    this image shows towing services in Meridian, ID

    Flatbed Towing

    this image shows flatbed towing services in Meridian, ID

    When it comes to longer tows, like from Meridian to destinations such as Bramwell or Emmet, opting for a flatbed trailer ensures the smoothest journey for your vehicle. We’ll load your car onto the truck’s flatbed and securely fasten it, preventing any movement during transportation.

    Not only is this the safest method for long-distance towing, but it’s also the most budget-friendly. With a flatbed trailer, you won’t have to worry about potential damages during transport and the associated costs. So, if you find yourself in need of a long-distance tow, just give us a call at (208) 435-8528, and we’ll dispatch one of our reliable flatbed trucks to take care of you.

    If you need assistance moving a large truck, bus, or any other heavy-duty vehicle, give our boys a call. Our fleet includes some seriously robust haulers, so there’s a good chance we can help you out. Feel free to inquire about relocating construction equipment, generators, or machinery from factories—we handle these types of jobs regularly.

    When it comes to heavy equipment hauling, our flatbed towing fleet is exactly what you need. Rest assured, we are insured and highly skilled at what we do, so you can put your worries aside regarding any potential damage to your valuable assets. At RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery, we stand by our exceptional heavy equipment hauling services that surpass those offered by any other company in the area. reach us at (208) 435-8528 and get free estimates today.

    Heavy Duty Towing

    this image shows heavy-duty towing services in Meridian, ID

    Winch Service

    this image shows winching services in Meridian, ID

    If your vehicle is stuck in a tricky spot, don’t worry! Just reach out to RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery, and we’ll get it “unstuck” for you. Our powerful winches are equipped to handle virtually any situation, whether your vehicle is trapped in mud, wedged between trees, or even at the bottom of a ditch.

    We always take on a tough challenge, so don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you believe your situation is particularly dicey. We’re determined to do everything we can to get you and your vehicle out of harm’s way.

    At RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery, we’re here to cater to all your towing needs, regardless of their size. With a wide array of services to choose from, our team is always prepared and eager to assist you. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call the next time you find yourself in need of a tow.

    Dial (208) 435-8528.

    Here’s some good news—you might not need a tow after all. There’s a chance that your vehicle can be fixed right there on the side of the road. Do we offer this kind of assistance? You’d better believe we do.

    We provide things like:

    • Jumpstarts
    • Fuel delivery
    • Battery swap-outs

    At RPM Towing & Recovery, we provide top-notch roadside assistance around the clock. Just give us a call and let us know what’s happening. We’ll dispatch one of our friendly drivers to assist you in getting your vehicle back on the road.

    And hey, if we can’t fix it on the spot, don’t worry. We’ll tow it to a mechanic who can. Either way, you’re in excellent hands with RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery.

    Roadside Assistance

    this image shows jumpstart services in Meridian, ID

    Lockout Service

    this image shows lockout services in Meridian, ID

    Uh-oh! It seems like you’ve locked your keys in the car, and unfortunately, there’s no fancy keypad or futuristic face recognition system to save the day. Maybe the battery in your key fob is dead, or perhaps you don’t even have one of those gadgets at all. What do you do now?

    You give us a call. Our lock-out service in Ada County is unmatched. In no time, you’ll be back in the driver’s seat, ready to hit the road again. It’s all part of our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond.

    Now, you might be wondering how we’ll get into your locked vehicle. No, we won’t resort to lighting a firecracker next to the keyhole, and hammers and chisels are definitely out of the question. Sometimes, we can obtain the lockout code for your specific car by making a few phone calls (so long as you’re here to provide identification). Other times, we’ll utilize our special lockout tools to successfully resolve the situation. Rest assured, we’ve got the expertise and equipment to get the job done right. Call us at (208) 435-8528 now.

    Picture it: You’re cruising down the road when all of a sudden, you hear an unexpected noise, and your car starts veering to one side. That’s a sure sign of a flat tire. But hey, no need to stress, because RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery has got your back with our flat tire change service. We’ll swiftly dispatch a professional to your location who will expertly swap out your flat tire with a spare, getting you back on the road in no time.

    But what if you find yourself in a pickle without a spare tire? No worries at all! We’ve got a solution for that too. We’ll simply tow your vehicle to the nearest service station where the friendly folks there can lend a hand and get you back in motion.

    So, whether you need a flat tire change or assistance without a spare, RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery is here to provide reliable and efficient service.

    Flat Tire Changes

    this image shows flat tire change in Meridian, ID

    How Much Do You Charge?

    this image shows towing services in Meridian, ID

    Curious about the cost of our services? Well, it’s a bit of a “depends” situation. Several factors come into play when determining the pricing, including the specific service you require, the distance we need to cover, the time of day, and more.

    Rest assured, our rates are highly competitive, and to make things convenient, we accept all major credit cards. If you want more details or have any specific inquiries, just give us a call at (208) 435-8528. We’ll gladly provide you with the information you need and address any questions you may have.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery is a trusted towing and recovery company serving the Meridian area with a commitment to quality service. With a focus on customer satisfaction, our dedicated team delivers exceptional service with a friendly and professional approach. Equipped with modern towing equipment, we are well-prepared to handle various towing and recovery scenarios, providing efficient solutions with the utmost care and precision.

    When my vehicle broke down unexpectedly, RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery team arrived promptly and handled the situation with utmost professionalism. They securely loaded and transported my car to the desired location without any issues. I was impressed by their efficiency and attention to detail throughout the entire process.

    Benita Stotts

    Their team was incredibly professional and took great care in securing my motorcycle for transport. They had the necessary equipment and expertise to handle the job with precision, ensuring the safe and damage-free transportation of my bike. I highly recommend their team for their exceptional motorcycle towing service.

    Savino Barese

    I recently found myself in a challenging situation with my electric vehicle running out of battery in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully, RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery came to the rescue with their emergency EV charging service. Their response time was impressive, and they quickly arrived with their mobile charging unit.

    Shelly Fritz

    Call Us Today!

    Whether it’s the crack of dawn or the dead of night, RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery is consistently available to assist our valued customers. With just a simple phone call, we’re ready to spring into action. So, whenever you find yourself in need of a tow, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll swiftly arrive on the scene, ensuring you receive prompt and reliable service.

    Call RPM Meridian Towing & Recovery at (208) 435-8528.